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The battery recycling war opened: The Ningde era and Tesla personally ended, in the end how fierce?

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     What a surprise!

The second half of the battle for lithium battery resources turned out to be battery recycling, and it was extremely fierce and strange。

First of all, China, the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea all ended up, of which Ning Wang, Tesla, BYD, Volkswagen, BMW and other car companies invested heavily in the layout。

Its heat and intensity is no less than the original battle for lithium battery technology。

For example, Ningde Times has expanded its battery recycling business three times, with a total investment of more than 65 billion yuan。Mass cooperation..Layout of battery giants in various countries..Battery recycling business, the lineup is very large, of which 100 billion giant Huayou is their Chinese partner, and then BYD also teamed up with China Tower, is still in..40 battery recycling sites have been set up。

In addition, there are BMW, Ganfeng Lithium and other companies are the same。

Battery recycling has become the focus of the lithium battery resource war, and the heat and intensity are no less than the original lithium battery technology route dispute。

In addition to the fierce competition, the battery recycling market is also strange, especially in China。

Many domestic battery giants personally ended up, and it is money and build battery recycling plants, the purpose of course is to seize market share, the result is very poor。

70% of China's power batteries have been stolen by small workshops that collect junk, and battery recycling giants have to pay high prices to them..电池。

And who bid high to buy the battery, the battery business giants are angry, but there is nothing to do。

They used to be big players in the auto industry, car brands were asking them to buy batteries, when it was their turn to ask others, or a group of small businesses on the table?

So the giants of the battery enterprise collectively asked for rectification of the black curtain of battery recycling, knocked down the small workshop, and discarded batteries are ours。

So the question is, what is the secret of the old battery, why the sudden fire?Why can't China's battery giants do a small workshop to collect junk?

And let's not say this is a big topic, because it relates to our resource strategy。

The battle for lithium batteries: Three wars spread to battery recycling

There are three fights for lithium batteries,..The second is lithium battery technology and market competition。

At that time, China and Japan and South Korea competed for lithium batteries, and we came from behind to..Dominate the lithium battery technology and market。

But countries such as the United States, Japan and South Korea are certainly not willing to cede the battery market to us, so they are looking for the next link that can choke our necks。

Among them, the raw materials of lithium batteries are the first half of the resource competition, and battery recycling is the second half。

This is indeed aimed at the weakness of China's lithium batteries。

Because you don't have raw materials, so what does it matter how skilled you are?Therefore, mineral resources have become the second battlefield of lithium batteries。

There are three main raw materials for lithium batteries: lithium and raw materials such as nickel and cobalt, which have small reserves and are relatively concentrated, which is very unfriendly to China。

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