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What are the partition materials of Chengdu toilet

The bathroom is an indispensable part of our families, and the bathroom partition material is mainly to be able to withstand moisture and high temperature。Bathroom partition is suitable for public buildings and commercial buildings, the partition table...

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      The bathroom is an indispensable part of our families, and the bathroom partition material is mainly to be able to withstand moisture and high temperature。Toilet partition is suitable for public buildings and commercial buildings, special areas with high requirements for partition surfaces (such as chemical and food industries) are not included。Toilet partition is made of specific plates, with special accessories by production, on-site installation。Its scope of use is divided into three types: for indoor and residential, for entertainment venues, for crowded places。According to the use of bathroom partition is quite extensive。Since the use is so wide, what are the bathroom partition materials?What about the price?Let's find out together。

What are the toilet partition materials

Bathroom partition material, moisture-proof board

Moisture-proof board is to add a certain proportion of moisture-proof particles in the production process of the substrate, also known as melamine board, with multiple layers of special fiber material, soaked by an appropriate amount of phenolic resin, high temperature and high pressure, suitable for humid environment, moisture-proof board section in the water expansion degree greatly reduced。It is made of wood fiber and special moisture-proof agent, and it is decorated with melamine by high temperature and high pressure。All mechanical properties, physical properties, surface characteristics are in line with the German industrial standard DIN requirements, excellent quality, is the bathroom partition material..选择。

Bathroom partition material two, pvc board

PVC board is made of PVC as raw materials for the cross-section of honeycomb mesh structure of the plate。It is a vacuum blister film, used for the surface packaging of various panels, so it is also known as decorative film, adhesive film, used in building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries。

pcv board product features:

1, waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, mothproof, light weight, heat preservation, sound insulation, shock absorption characteristics。

2, and wood processing, and processing performance is far better than wood。

3. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum and composite plates。

Toilet partition material three, tempered glass

Tempered glass belongs to safety glass。Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass, in order to improve the strength of the glass, usually use chemical or physical methods, the formation of compressive stress on the surface of the glass, the glass to withstand external forces first offset the surface stress, thereby improving the bearing capacity, enhance the glass itself resistance to wind pressure, cold and heat, impact and so on。Flat tempered and bent tempered glass belongs to safety glass。Widely used in high-rise building doors and Windows, glass curtain wall, indoor partition glass, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator passage, furniture, glass guardrail and so on。

Bathroom partition material four, metal material

For example, the metal material of the bathroom partition, such materials of the bathroom partition in addition to waterproof there are many other advantages。Such as light weight, energy saving, easy installation, maintenance and recyclability;High strength, good stiffness, not easy to deform, large bearing capacity, even if affected by external forces, it can maintain its shape is not easy to change。Good sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, fireproof effect,..Environmental protection and many other advantages。

Toilet partition material five, artificial plate partition

Integrated molding without edge, chamfer, beautiful and generous, no edge seam processing, with novel hardware accessories, the overall appearance is consistent。12 or 18mm thick phenolic resin high pressure board, moisture-proof, collision resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean。

Bathroom partition material six, natural stone partition

Natural stone, solid structure, easy to stick dirt and alkali yellow, good texture, door need to use other materials, the integrity is slightly poor, high cost, long service life, maintenance is not easy。

Bathroom partition material seven, composite board partition

Honeycomb board external plywood and weathering board, light weight, easy moisture degum or corrosion, aluminum or stainless steel edge strip treatment, easy deformation oxidation, water and gas intrusion and expansion corrosion, door, door post, partition need to leave a seam or metal edge, the overall effect is poor。Low cost, poor durability, fast maintenance and elimination。

Bathroom partition material eight, plastic partition

Plastic material, waterproof, but not resistant to high temperature, not resistant to scratch, easy deformation and pollution, plastic or aluminum edge, no overall sense, poor texture, easy deformation, less color choice。

Bathroom partition price

Tempered glass is also a very widely used bathroom partition material, the glass material not only has a transparent feeling, looks very warm, and is particularly easy to clean, tempered glass material is also more durable。The price of tempered glass partition is generally between 240-390 yuan per square meter, of which the double-layer glass partition price is more expensive, about 340-480 yuan per square meter。

Toilet partition material, is now a particularly popular bathroom partition, the price is relatively moderate, about 320 yuan per square, pattern color, especially widely used。

PVC plastic board partition price is generally about 480 yuan per square meter, moisture-proof board is cheaper, about 150 yuan per square meter。The price of toilet partition is different because of different materials, and it is not the same, at the same time, the price of different thickness of the same material is different。

The finished partition double veneer plate containing hardware is generally about 130-200 square, and the glass door contains hardware 1.0 tempered glass, price between 180-260。Of course, this need to determine the price according to their choice of materials, but also supplemented by certain auxiliary materials。

      The above is the bathroom partition knowledge introduced by Jisimei Xiaobian. Thank you for reading, and I hope it will help you。

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