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Chengdu toilet partition how to install?You need to pay attention to these 5 big points, the old master read all said well

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      The bathroom is one of the most frequently used places in the home, and it is also a place with great privacy。Dry and wet separation is in the bathroom..For important, but also in recent years..For popular design。Therefore, how should the dry and wet separation partition of the bathroom be installed, many people are worried。..Belle Jun for everyone to introduce the partition decoration have to pay attention to the 5 big points, the old master read all good!

First, bathroom partition knowledge

1, partition size: the size of the bathroom partition should be set at 1.2*0.9m or so, which is not less than 0.8*0.m。Too small a space can make people feel depressed, and it is not very convenient to turn around in the shower。Too much space can lead to insecurity and also make people feel uncomfortable。

2, organic/tempered glass partition: the shower room should choose organic or tempered glass, when damaged by external force, the fragments will become obtuse small particles similar to honeycomb。Therefore, even the fracture will not cause serious harm to the human body。

3, half wall partition: half wall partition belongs to a more unique dry and wet separation partition。This partition is properly designed to make the whole space look more coordinated and distinctive。

4, curtain partition: curtain partition is a more flexible and small bathroom partition, this partition will not affect the lighting and ventilation of the bathroom, and save time and money。However, if the curtain selection is not good, it will affect the overall beauty。

5, threshold height: the general threshold stone should be higher than the ground 1.5cm - 2cm, otherwise the shower water flows out from under the door, it can not achieve the purpose of dry and wet partition, easy to cause inconvenience。

Second, precautions for bathroom partition

1, handrail rod: The bathroom has water, shower gel and other risk factors that are easy to cause slip, so for safety, the bathtub side..Mounting lever。And for the elderly in the family, the handrail can also play an extremely important role。

2, socket location: The shower room belongs to a long-term humid environment, so around..Do not show electrical plugs。It is easy to cause security accidents。

      The above is the knowledge introduction of Chengdu bathroom partition organized by Xiaobian for everyone, thank you for reading, I hope it will be helpful to you。