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Chengdu toilet partition how to do, do toilet partition precautions

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       Chengdu bathroom partition is a lot of families will do, because it can both divide the use of space and have a certain decorative effect。When more than two users are in the bathroom, the bathroom partition can be..Mutual privacy, to avoid what "do not look at the wrong" situation。At the same time, the bathroom partition can also cover the complex use situation to make the room look clean and tidy。So how to do the bathroom partition, do the bathroom partition what are the precautions, and then we will see together。

Chengdu toilet partition

In the process of family decoration, bathroom decoration can be said to be a more important part。At the same time, because the water in the bathroom is more humid, many families will think of dry and wet separation at the beginning of the design to avoid the situation of wet and water seepage in the bathroom to a certain extent。Then if you want to do dry and wet separation, bathroom partition is essential。..We will introduce how to do the bathroom partition for you, what are the precautions for doing the bathroom partition。

How to do the bathroom partition


Glass partition is a very widely used partition material, because the blocking effect of glass is very good, and the bathroom is a wetter space in the house, and the moisture and mildew protection effect of glass is very in place。Generally, glass partitions are mostly used in bathrooms with moderate area。


The cost of plastic products is lower, so many owners tend to use plastic partitions。Although the plastic partition can also be waterproof and moisture-proof in the toilet, the plastic partition is not resistant to high temperature, easy to deformation, and has a short service life。


If the bathroom is large enough, the wall partition is a simple and traditional decoration method to distinguish the external hand washing area from the internal toilet bathing area。The biggest problem of wall partition is decoration, to avoid vulgarity, so the owner should spend more attention on decoration when doing wall partition。


For smaller houses, fabric spacing is a more common and resource-saving partition material。A shower curtain is not only very convenient in use, but also can be done very beautiful, so that the bathroom looks simple and comfortable。

Precautions for toilet partition

1, first paving tiles and wall tiles, and then according to the actual size of the custom bathroom partition (note that there may be errors on the wall, according to the actual size of the custom glass door to install and use。

2. Before paving the floor tiles, install the sewer pipe and install the floor drain。

3, there is a door frame can block water, if there is no door frame but also a special installation of threshold stone (higher than the ground 1。5--2 cm), otherwise the shower water flowing out from under the door can not achieve the purpose of dry and wet partition。

4, with the floor drain, the water will flow into the sewer where water?The threshold stone can be 8-12 cm wide, and the foot will not drop。

5, do not use the slide, because it is difficult to clean the water and dust inside the slide, and it will smell for a long time。

       Small series summary: Good Chengdu bathroom partition can improve the user's living experience, we must be more bothered when doing。The above is about how to do the bathroom partition, do the precautions of the bathroom partition all content, hope to help you。