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About Chengdu public toilet partition how to install?What are the advantages of public toilet partition?

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        Chengdu public toilet partition believe that everyone is not strange, in the public toilet can often see its figure。So how to install public toilet partition?What are the advantages of public toilet partition?Small series specially collected relevant information for you, I hope to help you。

First, how to install public toilet partition

1. Install the fixing plate

First find the position to be fixed on the wall, draw the center point of the fixed piece with a marker, carefully look at the fixed plate there are several fixing screw holes, and then punch holes according to the position, and then put the plastic sleeve into the hole, and expand the fixed plate on the wall。

2. Install adjusting feet

According to the expected construction drawing, find the position of the base on the toilet floor and mark the center line, and then fix the base. Note: the base is about 20CM away from the partition。

3. Install the middle partition board

The main purpose of the previous steps is to install the compartment board, then put the compartment board on the adjusting base, continue to adjust the height of the base to make the compartment board, and then fine-tune the height of the base to make the compartment board some distance from the ground...Use a level to determine the level, when all are adjusted, then use screws to fix the compartment board and adjust the base to complete。

Second, the advantages of public toilets partition

1. Security and privacy protection

Public toilets as private places, partition..The function is to protect the user's toilet location more safe and reliable。在..In a limited way..In the case of privacy, the public bathroom partition is not completely closed, because in case of an emergency situation, the user can quickly implement first aid, and the abnormal situation can be detected early。


With the improvement of people's living standards, we are more and more concerned about the enjoyment of the visual, although the public toilet is a relatively closed place, but also do not ignore the design effect。The emergence of partition is not only a reasonable use of space, but also brings us visual beauty。

3, strong and durable

As a public place with large energy loss, public toilets should be made of strong and durable materials as far as possible, which is more resource-saving and environmentally friendly, and has a longer service life。

       The above introduction to the knowledge of Chengdu public bathroom partition is here, thank you for reading, I hope it will help you。