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About Chengdu toilet partition how to do?Take stock of several common types of partition

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       The bathroom can be said to be a household frequency..A space in the home decoration also occupies a very important position, so a comfortable, clean and good-looking bathroom environment is particularly important!It's important to get rid of the wet and dry。

One: Common types of bathroom partition

1, glass partition

The glass partition in the bathroom is generally set up in the form of semi-open or sliding door,Remember that the glass partition should pay attention to explosion-proof safety oh, there is now a very popular network red glass brick as partition,The glass brick is thick enough,It can transmit light lines and also play a role in privacy protection,However, smaller bathrooms are not recommended

2, wall partition

The bathroom wall is generally hollow or ordinary brick as a partition, and then coupled with the cement putty layer, this case should pay attention to do a good job of waterproof, waterproof is not done is easy to cause the wall mold or peeling off, the cost of brick wall partition is relatively low。

3, stone partition

In the case of the bathroom space is large enough, you can also do stone partition according to the overall style, stone partition decorative is also very textured, but the cost is relatively high and the construction difficulty is relatively large。

4, plastic partition

Plastic partition is the cost of the previous several partitions..A kind of partition。There are many types of simple patterns installed, but they are not resistant to high temperature and easy to deform and yellow。

5, waterproof curtain

The price is relatively cheap and easy to install the bathroom waterproof curtain, a wide variety of patterns。But only applicable to the environment is very small is not suitable for partition of the bathroom, waterproof curtain is only used for anti-splash and shower shelter, and can not play the role of the ground partition, the bathroom will still be wet, and a few months should be replaced once, otherwise it is easy to mold。

Two: bathroom installation partition precautions

1, do not blindly do partition, according to the size of their own bathroom。Small bathroom niches, hidden toilets and hanging cabinets are also things to consider。

2, the bathroom partition needs to do the laying of the ground and wall tiles first, and the position of the water pipe drain is installed to better do the partition。

3, the dry and wet separation of the bathroom should also consider whether the door frame blocks water, if the door frame does not block water..Install sill stones to prevent toilet water outflow。

4, in the case of year-round water vapor in the bathroom, it depends on whether the shower hardware is stainless steel, and the surface of the aluminum alloy needs to be sprayed to prevent rust and decay。

       The above knowledge about Chengdu toilet partition is introduced here, thank you for reading, I hope it will be helpful to you。